My top 20 Fav Facebook Blogging Groups

Hello my darlings! I wanted to share with you my top 20 Favourite Facebook Blogging groups, to meet new ladies/gents, and to grow your blog, get tips and tricks on blogging! I have been blogging since July 2017 so not to long, but I've learned so many things from these Facebook groups and ladies in … Continue reading My top 20 Fav Facebook Blogging Groups


New Year, new health goals..?

Hellooo darlings! Anyone else get hit with the flu ?! My daughter got it, I got it, My hubby got it. Of course I got it AGAIN.. and I'm still not feeling 100% I still have this cough that just won't got away !!!! And of course everyone around is sick ! But Anyways, I … Continue reading New Year, new health goals..?