Deep Relaxation

Anyone ever heard of Hypnosis ninja? No ? Me either until last night when I saw them on Tomoson (amazing website to find brands to partner up with by the way) I’m not gonna lie at first I was very hesitate because well meditation/hypnosis usually isn’t for me..I’ll most likely fall asleep.. I just found that pointless cause I’d be missing the entire thing! It was a free session so I decided why not! I learned with this deep relaxation session that it’s okay if you fall asleep during hypnosis session because your unconscious mind is still listening. I gave it a go!

Deep relaxation (2).jpg

I grabbed a pen and paper cause I really thought id be taking notes with this session LOL silly me…While listening to the session, I caught myself drifting off into sleep. Then I started thinking to myself okay well what’s the point? I’m falling asleep because its boring! WRONG!!!! I was falling asleep because I was really relaxed and it was actually working, I was falling into a deep relaxing mode. I was getting hypnotized by this guys voice! How deep it was but so smooth at the same time. It weird when you noticed how deep you can go into thoughts when doing sessions like these. I was literally in another world. My daughter apparently came into the room while I was listening to the session and I didn’t even know.

This session was about changing your relationship with food, and for some this might be a bit strange but for me I really do need to change my relationship with food. Eating healthier is my goal! If you have a goal either its losing weight, gaining weight, or just simply making better choices when it comes to eating!

They have all kinds of different sessions including, addiction, fears and phobias, sex, habits and behavior, health, sleep and much more! You can find them all on their website including a free Deep Relaxation session that you can download directly to your phone/computer!

The hypnosis name is Rafe Beckley who is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and International Coach, helping private individuals with personal performance issues. Rafe has worked with clients as diverse as the NHS, UK Law Enforcement and commercial air crews . He was trained by, among others, Dr. John Grinder. He also has an amazing blog where Rafe talks about all aspects of his approach to clinical hypnotherapy, and offers helpful hints and tips to make a difference in your life using the power of your unconscious mind. If there is anything specific you would like Rafe to cover, contact him at 

Here is the link to his amazing blog

You can all go to and order whatever sessions you’d like from their entire offering – save yourself 50% with my discount by using the code “ninja50”

Here’s the session I did

Please if you’ve done a session I’d love to hear what you thought! Comment bellow or send me an email! Let’s connect!


14 thoughts on “Deep Relaxation

    1. You would wake up alone! your cautious mind would be still listening to his voice and you would hear him tell you that he will be counting backwards from 20 and I woke up when there was 4 seconds left ! It’s so strange how it works to be quite honest lol! Definitely not what I was expecting hehe!


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