LipSense Lippies !

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I’ve been crazy busy these past couples of weeks! We recently move. I started a new job and I’ve also been revamping my Instagram account!

The other day I received this package from Red Gate Beauty to review these LipSense Lip colors + Gloss! Sonya sent me Praline Rose + Rose Gloss and these are totally my colors and perfect for the fall! 


These long-lasting liquid lip colors are waterproof, kiss proof, smear proof, lead-free, vegan, Kosher ( prepare according to the requirements of Jewish law) non-drying and 100% not tested on animals! They are also made in the USA


They last anywhere from 4-48 hours and you must use the liquid lip color and gloss together so they can last as long as they say they do!

The gloss is infused with Shea butter that helps moisturize your lips. There is a tingling feeling when you first use them and that’s caused by the cosmetic grade denatured alcohol which creates a bacteria-free environment in the tube! The Tingling sensation is noticed way more when someones have very dry lips but it will go away immediately once the gloss is applied. It is normal for as much as the first 2 weeks of using them! 

If your color doesn’t last 18 hour’s it might be because you are exfoliating. LipSense works to take off the dead wax build up on your lips! Don’t stop using it if this happens! Continue to use ONLY LipSense for a week. Gloss at night to speed up the process!

You can mix the colors to create your own personal color/look! It suggested that you don’t use Chapstick over the color as it is a wax based product and it will break down the LipSense Color!

To remove the color you can use their Oops remove or an oil-based makeup remover will work just as fine! 

I definitely do recommend these for an everyday lip color! I love the shade I received from Sonya and I definitely will be getting more shades! I have a 15% discount code for all my readers to use ” Bloggymoms15 ” 

I wanted to thank Sonya from Red gate beauty for the wonderful gift! Please check out her website and her blog at and don’t forget to use my coupon code Bloggymoms15 to receive 15% off your purchase!


Much love xo



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