My personal experience with Daniel Wellington

I am so excited to have received this beautiful watch and cuff from @DanielWellington ! For someone who has very small wrist, Seriously I have the smallest wrist NOTHING fits me around the wrist. Whenever I find a beautiful bracelet or a watch that I would actually wear, it’s usually to lose and I have to get it readjusted by someone and that costs an extra what 40$? If I don’t then it just falls right off and it’s SO annoying!



I was sent this beautiful rose gold watch and cuff & guess what!! The watch is totally adjustable and you can do it yourself!!! I was so excited when I saw this! You can adjust it at any size that fits you comfortably! The Cuff is already small, to begin with, so it was perfect for me, and it’s also adjustable!

I absolutely love that these can be worn by anyone! They have a beautiful elegant collection and perfect gifts for Christmas from you to your loved ones! They have different sorts of bands you can pick to match with the face of the watch! They have for both Gents and Ladies! Their Holiday offers are now up on their website! You can receive 10% off a watch and cuff bracelet, a watch and additional strap or 2 watches! I have a coupon code for you guys for 15% off and This discount will work in addition to the 10% off discount! Use code “MOMBOSS” at the checkout to receive 25% off in total! Check out their website for their full collection!

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If you’ve been looking for a good solid watch I definitely recommend these beauties!

Much love



10 thoughts on “My personal experience with Daniel Wellington

  1. Hey there! That’s a beautiful watch! I have a small wrist too! Although in my pictures or videos it doesn’t look that way but I really do have a small wrist lol The watch looks good on your wrist 👍

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