Monday we met again.

Oh Monday, I'm sorry to tell you, but you aren't liked very much by a lot of people. Even if I work from home i still find myself saying "ugh its Monday tomorrow" Why is it that we get so annoyed with Monday's? Some people it's because they have work. Some its just simply because … Continue reading Monday we met again.


FREE! Who doesn’t love free stuff!!

If you're like me, whenever i hear free, you already know I'm all over it! Basically my middle name is free. I have been obsessed with this App/Website called Influenster Basically all you do is review products and when you're eligible the company sends you products to review! Its super fun and easy to use! … Continue reading FREE! Who doesn’t love free stuff!!

How I dealt with my anxiety/stress

Honestly thank god for you 🙌🏻😩 _______________________________________ Anti stress formula ✔️made from natural adaptogenic herbs 🌿 improves mental focus & concentration, helps your body cope with physical stress 😇Provides energy and reduces fatigue 😴🚫🏃🏻‍♀️Helps restore body balance too 💆🏻 As someone who suffers from Anxiety & Stress 🔝And have been on anti depressants, I'm so … Continue reading How I dealt with my anxiety/stress

Mermaid hair?!

Who would want to do a 90 day hair challenge?! 👉you will use the hair vitamins for a 90 day period AT MY PRICE while keeping track of growth with before and after photos 👉get longer, thicker and stronger hair 👉fresher looking skin *longer nails and lashes too!! LET'S GROW SOME GORGEOUS HAIR , WHO'S … Continue reading Mermaid hair?!

G O O D M O R N I N G Today I have such a big day! I am in Burlington for a team training with a top income earner & special guest 😱 We aren't just about that WRAP life! Did you know we have other HEALTH products too! 👍🏼 I loveee our … Continue reading


I absolutely needed to whip myself up a quick shake to go before my little road trip! 🚗 The It Works chocolate shake is to die for! 😍 Taste exactly like brownies! 🍫 SUPPORT • SUSTAIN • MAINTAIN SOY FREE • DAIRY FREE • NON-GMO & VEGAN🌱 🍫CHOCOLATE or 🍨VANILLA ✔️ drink it ➕ bake … Continue reading SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE

Breakfast is served!

If you are in the Ottawa, Ont area, I Absolutely recommend this cute little Bistro/Cafe restaurant called JAX Bistro! They have so many great breakfasts and lunch you can pick from! Check out their website to see their menu online! Jax Bistro Josee-Lifeofamomboss